NewzBoost: The Solution Built for Publishers by Publishers

The Goal

  • You want your team focusing their time on publishing audience engaging stories, not fighting with an outdated platform.
  • You need a solution that gives your team the access to a forward-thinking system that utilizes the industry’s best practices.
  • You need a system that will allow your publication the tools needed to generate sustainable revenue streams.

The Challenge

  • Most Content Management Systems (CMS) are not designed for growth.
  • Current available solutions are high in cost and limited in customization.
  • Too many choices that are difficult to choose from and do not solve all challenges.
  • Current options are ridgid and cannot integrate with emerging technology.
  • Publishers like you are forced to choose between outsourcing or in-house support.

NewzBoost was developed by publishers for publishers specifically to meet the unique challenges that they face. Designed for WordPress, NewzBoost is pre-configured and optimized with our publishers in mind.

NewzBoost combines the forward-thinking technology with best practices in the industry in order to provide publishers everything they need.

This means our publishers can put their time, energy, and focus into the areas that matter the most.

The Solution

  • Designed with industry best practices specific for digital news publishers.
  • Powered by WordPress, the web’s preferred Content Management System.  
  • Flexible and expandable solution, that allows for future upgrades as needed.
  • Priced with our publishers in mind. A cost-conscious solution for all sized publishers.
  • On-going technical support at your fingertips when you need it.

NewzBoost was developed by publishers for publishers in order to provide the groundwork for a long-term local journalism model.

The Features

  • Publishing system that is fully configured to support edited, distribution and revenue.
  • Powerful layout and designing tools. 
  • Integrated tools for publishing newsletters.
  •  Integrated solution for ad serving.
  • Real-time segmentation of audience, allowing you to better control subscription and membership efforts.
  • Listing solutions, with included revenue-enhancing capabilities.
  • Speed enhanced with a structure for fast mobile and desktop loading.
  • Continual research and development for ongoing enhancements and improvements.
  • Integrated acess to third-party tools and services.
  • Hosting support and site monitoring.
  • Ongoing security, updates, and backups.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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